Eddy Boston vs. The World

August 30th, 2006

Welcome to my travelogue!


As most readers of this website already know, I am leaving my comfy home for the life of a wanderer. I sold my house, quit my job, and soon enough I’ll be off on the first leg of my travels, starting in Spain then working my way overland to Rome, where I’ll take a four-week Italian language course. After that, the plans get a little fuzzy, but I don’t expect to be back on American soil until around St. Patrick’s Day, at which point, exhausted from six months of peregrination, I’ll collapse into a vat of green beer.

I’ll be posting pictures and periodic updates in this space, so check back often.

Here are all posts from my around the world trip:

The Travelling Troubadour’s Portable Recording Studio

September 16th, 2006

I present to you what I hope will be the bare minimum necessary to create representative recordings of road-written songs, arranged as a still life in the style of the impressionist masters of bygone days.

The important considerations were size and sound quality. Expense was also considered carefully, but I tried not to settle for cheap crap. This setup is by no means expected to give studio-quality sound, but it's not bad for a kit that will be lugged all over kingdom-come.

See below for a description of each component. And of course stay tuned for some road recordings, so you can judge the quality for yourself.


Eddy Boston vs The World, continued

September 18th, 2006

Eddy: 0, World: 2

Well, so far this trip has been a bit more eventful than I bargained for. It started out with a near-disaster before I even left home, as described in a previous post. Then I made it to Madrid safe and sound, but unfortunately my luggage was not so lucky, and is floating around in the mysterious land of lost luggage, I think somewhere in Alabama.

I had some reservations about flying on an airline called Air Comet, but I thought to myself, ¨What can possibly go wrong, it´s a direct flight?¨, thus fulfilling my quota of stupid questions for the week. I briefly had faith that the ace tracking sleuths at Air Comet would come through and find my possesions, but it´s now been 48 hours, so I´ve pretty much lost hope.

Hopefully this adventure will soon become slightly less adventurous. I´m not sure yet if it´s a comedy or tragedy, but stay tuned.

(see Eddy Boston vs The World, part one)