Eddy Boston vs The World, continued

September 18th, 2006

Eddy: 0, World: 2

Well, so far this trip has been a bit more eventful than I bargained for. It started out with a near-disaster before I even left home, as described in a previous post. Then I made it to Madrid safe and sound, but unfortunately my luggage was not so lucky, and is floating around in the mysterious land of lost luggage, I think somewhere in Alabama.

I had some reservations about flying on an airline called Air Comet, but I thought to myself, ¨What can possibly go wrong, it´s a direct flight?¨, thus fulfilling my quota of stupid questions for the week. I briefly had faith that the ace tracking sleuths at Air Comet would come through and find my possesions, but it´s now been 48 hours, so I´ve pretty much lost hope.

Hopefully this adventure will soon become slightly less adventurous. I´m not sure yet if it´s a comedy or tragedy, but stay tuned.

(see Eddy Boston vs The World, part one)