Eddy Boston Music

Eddy Boston has channeled two decades of songwriting and performing into his debut studio album, Here And There. With a talented cast of musicians, his thoughtfully written songs come to life on this polished effort. The album combines the lyrical emphasis of artists like Paul Simon and Jim Croce with a catchy modern sound.

Song styles range from the Buddy Holly inspired Just One More, to the reggae-tinged Fix It, through the toe-tapping bluegrass number Lovely Soul. Miranda Jordan (of the band Headrush) lends her vocals to the sweetly upbeat Yes I See, while Boston strips it down to voice and fingerpicked guitar in This Is My Life, a bittersweet ode to reinvention.

A Massachusetts native, Eddy Boston arrived in Folly Beach, SC in 2010. "I came for a month, but fell in love with the place and never left," said Boston. In between, he's lived in Rome, Miami, and San Francisco. The music reflects this geographic diversity. His unique songwriting has attracted a strong following around Charleston, SC.

The album title is a reflection of not only the move from Massachusetts to Charleston, but also the variety of musical styles. "With this album, I want to take you on a journey with me," said Boston. "Some songs were written here and some there, but besides that my style covers a large musical landscape. So what better title for the album than Here And There."