Eddy Boston Music

The fifth of seven children born to an artist and an author in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Eddy Boston was destined for a life of creativity. But it was not until becoming a student at Tufts University that he bought a guitar from an ex-girlfriend and began writing songs, showcasing them at local open mic nights in the soon-to-be-trendy Davis Square neighborhood. Since then, he has channeled a diverse set of musical influences to create a unique and eclectic style. In 2010, Boston relocated to Folly Beach, a small island community outside Charleston, South Carolina. The seaside locale lends a salt-tinged vibe to many newer compositions, such as the laid-back It's Folly, while still keeping the edge brought on by 30-some-odd Northeastern winters.

After nearly two decades of honing his craft by performing at venues across the US and Europe, Boston released his first full-length studio album, Here and There, in 2016. Song styles range from the Buddy Holly inspired Just One More, to the reggae-influenced Fix It, through the toe-tapping bluegrass number Lovely Soul. Miranda Jordan (of the band Headrush) lends her vocals to the sweetly upbeat Yes I See, while Boston strips it down to voice and fingerpicked guitar in This Is My Life, a bittersweet ode to reinvention.

The album title is a reflection of not only the move from North to South, but also the variety of musical styles. "With this album, I want to take you on a journey with me," says Boston. "Some songs were written here and some there, but besides that my style covers a large musical landscape. So what better title for the album than Here and There."

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